The First Day


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The First Day will open to our vision. We are empowered to see the face of Jesus revealed in scripture as we see the eternal whole counsel plan revealed. “The Lost Story” begins with “The First Day” as its first chapter. 60 pages. PDF file.

Understanding The First Day opens all scripture as we see spiritually rather than according to the natural mind. 60 pages.

The darkness of Genesis 1:1-5 is clear evidence that the devil and his angels fell from the First Estate of Heaven pre-Genesis; prior to God saying, “Let there be light”. Jesus said in John 3 that He spoke to Nicodemus of the earthly view not the Heavenly view. When it is seen that the devil and his angels fell pre-Genesis, a missing 70+% of eternal whole counsel theology opens up.

Exclusive download location on this site. No printing of the PDF or distribution in any way permitted. Please honor copyright. God bless you!

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