The Lost Story

The Lost Story delivers the strong meat of the Word that empowers the endtime move of the Spirit and the Church of Philadelphia's escape from tribulation. 394 pages.

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The darkness of Genesis 1:1-5 is clear evidence that the devil and his angels fell from the First Estate of Heaven pre-Genesis; prior to God saying, “Let there be light”. Jesus said in John 8 that He spoke to Nicodemus of the earthly view not the Heavenly view. When it is seen that the devil and his angels fell pre-Genesis, a missing 70% of eternal whole counsel theology opens up.

Whole counsel theology of scripture sees eternity hidden in God in Christ before time, in time and after time in eternal vision. Full counsel vision of scripture sees both men and angels in God's eternal whole counsel plan. The Lost Story tells the whole story. The Lost Story opens up clear vision of the full revelation of Jesus Christ to the Bible student who seeks to know the whole truth. The Holy Spirit reveals the face of Jesus and God's eternal whole counsel plan fully in scripture guiding us into all truth.

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