My name is Laura Lee.  I was taken to Heaven to see Jesus Christ face to face in full revelation as a small child.  I have spent over 40 years reading the Bible and praying 3-5 hours a day on average though not in every season. Additionally, I was given a reading gift in my salvation. I have the capacity to read at somewhere around perhaps 5 times as quickly as average.  The result is that I have read the Authorized King James Version cover to cover literally 1000’s of times in my lifetime.


I am a simple, down to earth, practical, and no nonsense kind of person. The power of my salvation and the power of the Holy Spirit at work in me does not make me different than other Christians in the reality of being a sinner saved by grace. Moreover, God has sent me to awaken in the saints of Philadelphia and body of Christ the power of their same salvation in Jesus Christ our Lord that we may arise together in unity and maturity in Jesus Christ.
I have on this site “The Lost Story” available for order and download.  It is about 390 pages.  It covers Genesis through Revelation and releases itself the greatest revelation of the church age.  The revelation in “The Lost Story” is eternal whole counsel theology told in story version that is readily comprehended by even a new Christian.
I have also put up “The First Day“.  It is about 60 pages.  It is a small book on it’s own.  It reveals in detail Genesis 1:1-5 positioning the Bible student to have the entire Bible open up theologically at the Heavenly revelation level of John 3 – the surpassingly great revelation level discussed in Hebrews 4 and 5 as going on to perfection strong meat for the mature.
I have several other books available on the site that are extremely powerful in seeing the endtime move, comprehending time and eternity, arising full stature in spiritual warfare training, understanding God’s plan for America and the body of Christ as the Government of God in spiritual warfare in dominion in Christ. The library of books available on this site are sufficient to equip the reader with the revelatory level of an apostle of surpassingly great revelation and to prepare the saints of Philadelphia thereby to escape the hour of temptation that begins the Great Tribulation period.
Additionally, I am moving to get up and running Grace Explosion Prayer Center.   It will initiate and perform 24/7 II Chronicles 7:14 prayer.
I have a YT channel where I expose the works of darkness, share my audiobooks and other tapes freely, and in general share fellowship with the saints in my tape uploads and comment section.
Also, I will initiate a house church and speak live and in person to minister outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
By the time I do these things for the saints of Philadelphia, I have done the work of my commission to put the strong meat of the mature on the banqueting table to feed the sheep all things necessary to release the Holy Spirit in the power of the endtime move to those who receive my ministry.
And, then, the Holy Spirit does His own work.
Whatever work we do at a human level does not work to bring the Kingdom.  Institutionalism and human organization is human level work.  It does not bring the Kingdom and does not minister the Holy Spirit.  It ministers human level control in the flesh trying to “fill in the gap” of the lack of the power of the Holy Spirit to bring the Kingdom fully.
But I need not do any of these things anyway. What I am doing as the apostle of the Church of Philadelphia shall and does release the Holy Spirit in sufficient power of fullness to initiate and minister the fullness of the coming of the Kingdom.  The fullness of revelation and the fullness of the Spirit shall minister our escape from tribulation.
So, I am a unique apostle in this regard and the Church of Philadelphia is a unique church.  It is the only church in apostolic and church history with an apostle who has full revelation of Jesus in apostolic salvation.  It is the only church who has an apostle who can minister the fullness of the Spirit to fully bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as in Heaven in the full stature move.
As the result, all institutional and organizational ministry is contrary to the commission to minister the fullness of the Holy Spirit to effect the result of the full stature move in full escape from tribulation.
My apostolic testimony of my office and the miracle working power of God at work in me by the Holy Spirit excels beyond even being taken to Heaven to see Jesus face to face in full revelation in my apostolic salvation – the most powerful salvation possible. However, for the purposes of a simple “About” page, the testimony herein suffices.
Please remember that the workman is worthy of his hire and those taught in the Word are to bountifully reward their teachers. There is no tithing in the Church of Philadelphia. Yet, if you do receive my books and teaching of Heavenly revelation of the Word of God and are benefited in your growth in the Lord, please remember to reward your teacher in sharing with me of your earthly finances. 
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