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Meetings on scheduled Saturdays 3-6pm EST starting March 25, 2017.

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Greatest revelation in 2000 years released. This is the endtime move.


The pearl hidden in the field is now found and delivered! This is it!


The Holy Spirit released in an explosion and gifts awakened in me.


I couldn’t find clear Bible truth until I read The Lost Story.


The Lost Story Starts with The First Day

The Lost Story releases the 80% of scripture John Calvin lacked grace of revelation to see. Eternal whole counsel theology does not begin with “All mankind fell in Adam”. Neither does Genesis 1:1-5. Eternal whole counsel theology, as revealed by the apostle of the Church of Philadelphia sent by God to release this revelation to the endtime church, begins where the Bible begins. The Lost Story begins with Genesis 1:1-5 telling us, “The third part of the angels fell from the First Estate of Heaven, then God said, ‘Let there be light’.”

Jesus is the Light of Genesis in regeneration.

Until you have heard a woman who was clothed in the glory of God in Heaven seeing Jesus face to face in full revelation tell you what she sees in scripture, you haven’t seen the other 80% either.

Do you want to see what you could see looking into the eyes of Jesus seeing Him face to face in full revelation?  You can if you hear me share what the scripture reveals of eternity looking into the eyes of Jesus.

You could get The First Day, the first chapter of The Lost Story, for free – for a limited time only.

You could then come back to see the face of Jesus clearly through the mystery of grace revealed in truly eternal vision that begins before the beginning. Get The Lost Story. See what angels see from the portals of the pearly gates of Heaven looking down upon the Genesis creation with God. Angels see the Heavenly view Jesus spoke of (but did not explicitly reveal) to Nicodemus in John 3.

If you’re the believing kind of Christian that believes in miracles and receives the testimony of your brothers and sisters in Christ, then you’re ready right now to be lead of the Holy Spirit to get The Lost Story and be blessed right now!

You will see the open door given the Church of Philadelphia.

Jesus revealed it to me.

In Christ,

Apostle Laura Lee

If you’ve given any amount gift to Apostle Laura Lee before, or are a single parent with minor children or unemployed, you may signup for The Apostolic School of Ministry and receive a coupon code for The Lost Story ebook PDF download for free.


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