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Founder & Director of Grace Explosion Prayer Center

Grace Explosion Prayer Center is called of God to be a 24/7 Bethesda House of Grace & Bethel House of Prayer. II Chronicles 7:14 prayer for elect and church of Jesus Christ globally; soil of America as ZION: God’s endtime Kingdom Nation of all saints globally.

Apostle of The Church of Philadelphia

Reformed and Anabaptist Church excelling in revelation of the Kingdom Nation, Eternal Whole Counsel Plan of God, and elimination of “leaven of the Pharisees” of human government ruling over equal brothers and sisters. Reformation to arise as ZION to rule and reign with Christ overcoming in tribulation.

Author of Ebooks.

Ebooks are free. Please donate as moved of God before or after reading. Scripture says freely give & freely receive by grace. Collection of ebooks focus on the Endtime Move of the Spirit, Return to Eden, America & Ekklesia, Spiritual Warfare Training, & Arising Full Stature.

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Grace Explosion Prayer Center Needs Help Establishing 24/7 II Chronicles 7:14 Prayer – Participation Sign Up

Please forward this post and newsletter to Christians “far and wide” to gain prayer support and prayer partners/volunteers for this Prayer Ministry! Please consider passing it on to 6-10 Christians who may be able to cover a one hour shift of prayer… or know another Christian who could and would! Let’s get this ministry “on the boards”

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Rand Paul Bares His Jesuit Knights Of Malta WOLF TEETH!!

Tries to intimidate and jail a member of the press for asking him a question.  If you believe that Rand Paul is “your hero” and “not part of the establishment”… here’s a wake up video. Rand Paul is a FAKE Libertarian and a REAL Jesuit Knights of Malta NWO wolf… clearly revealed… in my opinion.

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Pope Francis Worships Satan & Declares Lucifer To Be His God In Public Satanic Black Mass.

Pope Francis revealed to be a satanist. Pope Francis holds public satanic black mass which declares Lucifer is the God of the Vatican and thus his God. Pope Francis declared thereby to worship and serve satan.

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Pope Francis Increasingly Revealed as Revelation False Prophet Fulfillment

This just in from Freedom Outpost…. Apostate: Pope Francis Faces Mecca & Prays at Mosque, Calls for Europe to Open Borders to Muslims, and says it’s wrong to equate Islam with violence Tim Brown December 2, 2014 0 Well, if there was ever a person doing openly what the apostle John warned believers not to

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My Comment On Perry Noble & New Spring Church – Warning of Hell & Judgment

I shared this comment on a website.  I’ve decided to make my comment a post. Young people are unaware they are on their way to hell as they follow these false teachers. So, I am warning people that they are on their way to hell as they follow the false teachers of the last days.

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The Holy Spirit Declares That Ground Zero Is The Cornerstone Foundation Of Satan Globally.

I, apostle of the Church of Philadelphia, release revelation from the Throne of God and CORRECT RABBI CAHN and others. The Holy Spirit declares that the Constitution is a Treaty with Satan… and the Inauguration of the first “President” of the United States of America is the beast system and an abomination.  The Holy Spirit

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Authority To Declare A Nation

The Kingdom Nation & Government. Think I can “launch a successful revolution”?? No??

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Prophesied Church of Philadelphia.

I understand there are a lot of wild-eyed folks out there that eat some bad pizza. However, that’s not an excuse for Christians to fail to take seriously an apostolic testimony of salvation and commission… measuring all things against the Word of God itself (not a Christian’s opinion). Well, my testimony is that I was

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Heavenly Revelation Jesus Spoke of in John 3 Needed to Escape Trib

You MUST SEE what you missed… like seeing the dual image in this picture. There is not JUST the

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Prayer Round…

Update Talk. (On pre-recorded version, you can advance to Joan of Arc pic… that I switch to when I pray…

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Loving Not Your Life Unto Death Means You Stop Living For Your Flesh

Then you’ll see you get an angel body at the Lord’s return in the redemption of our bodies. You’ll study

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What Does It Matter That We Get Angel Bodies At The Lord/s Return??

Nothing to the Church of Laodicea. Being accounted worthy to escape tribulation to the Church of Philadelphia. If you

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