The Lost Story Reader Testimonials

The Lost Story is a foundational understanding of who we FULLY are in Christ. Praise God! Revealer of Mysteries! Arising Full Stature! ZION Nation is RISING!!! GET THIS BOOK SAINTS!!!!

( Travis Mcalhany )

The best Wine saved for Last! The Highest Level outpouring of Revelation in over 2000 years. Ministering Transfiguration and escape from Tribulation. Full Revelation of why creation of man even is at all. The full counsel plan of God saved for the End Days.

( Travis Mcalhany )

The hidden manna and hidden pearl is no longer hidden. A heartfelt testimonial with deep appreciation for your 40 years dedicated life working on this book, Apostle Laura Lee...

( Makorn )

It's time to go home... time to wake up... and know who we really are in Christ... our true identity.

( Makorn )

Lifechanging Biblical-based book that has stirred up my heart to read Bible... and focus on Jesus... gain powerful outpouring... plus revelatory knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

( Makorn )

This is the greatest revelation in 2015 years.

( Travis )

Questions I had are answered - ie. "man has become as one of us" (who is that?) or "thy seed and her seed" (how could satan have seed as he was an angel?). We used to blame Adam and Eve for our sin, etc. Thank you for sharing your revelations with us.

( Aew )

We would love to let you know how much the book "The Lost Story" has had an impact on our family and lives. It set us free and the way we view our Heavenly Father has been changed. He really is Love!

( Aew )

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